June 23, 2024

What’s So Special About the Super Bowl?

Year after year, the American public goes wild for the Super Bowl. The country’s obsession with the sporting event has been immortalized in many movies and TV series. The winners of the event are praised and honoured as heroes for decades. So, I have to ask: why is the Super Bowl so popular in the USA? Let’s see.

What Is It?

The Super Bowl is the highest-ranking event in the National Football League, or the NFL. It is, in every sense of the word, the final American football match in the season. It’s the end which shows which team is the best. Each Super Bowl is named after its installment in Roman numerals, rather than the season the match is played in. For example, Super Bowl LV was played in 2020.

The champions of the match win, not only the Vince Lombardi Trophy, but also one ring per player as a memento. Sometimes, it is also the coaches and the managers that get their own rings.

Why Is It Popular?

American football and the NFL are, in many ways, more American, as it were, than baseball. It is one of those things that the national pride is focused on and it’s easy to see why. Over time, the football, NFL games, and Super Bowl all became internationally popular.

Another reason may lie in the fact that this is the only team sport in the US where a single-elimination playoff system is implemented. This means that rather than play against several teams and amass points over time, the minute you lose you are out. That’s why the Super Bowl is so carefully followed – it shows who was the toughest, luckiest, and most skillful at the same time. Only the best of the best make it to the top.

The Side Effects

With so many viewers and passion behind it, the industries around the Super Bowl take on a life of their own. As it turns out, when something is this popular and followed by the masses, there is a whole subculture or even culture behind it.

The game is played on Sunday and it has become the unofficial holiday for American families. The cities throw bids to host the next Super Bowl, looking at it as an investment that is going to pay out more than double.

The price for attending the event live is always high, but have no fear because the trusty TV with pay-per-view options and exclusive coverage. Super Bowl ads are cinematic masterpieces that cost a lot to make and even more to broadcast to the viewers.

Remember the part I’ve said about events getting a life of their own? The perfect example of this is the Super Bowl halftime show. Every year, it is a true spectacle and people keep talking about it. For example, for the Super Bowl LIV, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira have all but set the stadium on fire – it was so good.

In Conclusion

The Super Bowl is the Grand Finale of American football. It is the culmination of all the tension the fans have been feeling all season. It is something that truly belongs to the USA and the events leading up to it are if not an everlasting party, then at least a true spectacle.