June 23, 2024

The Importance of Getting Up and being Physical

Most of the time, when I talk to people about sports and exercising, they say: “I wish I had the time”. I’m not saying that this is an excuse. We all have different things going on in our lives, with too many working hours, the commute, the kids, the pets, the family responsibilities, and so on. However, this is something I have written in the hopes of conveying how important it is to be physically active.

Work Posture And Pain

If you have a desk job, you are likely sitting there for 8+ hours every working day. Sure, you may get a chance to get up and grab a drink of water, but sitting down 40 hours a week and more is not being physically active.

Moreover, that’s where your mysterious back pain comes from. Also, why your legs occasionally go to sleep on their own.

It’s even worse for people who have to do their job standing all the time. That’s also not something our body was designed to do non-stop for a third of the day. Pretty soon, even bending over a sink to wash your hands results in discomfort or agony.

Physical activity, like yoga, stretches, walks, calisthenics, and others improve your posture and prepare your muscles for the continuous stress they feel while at work. So, you don’t feel as much pain as you would without working out.

Metabolism and Depression

With no time for physical activity, our bodies slow down. And I really do mean slow down. Slower metabolism means lower energy levels, weight gain, higher risk of heart diseases, and so on. The low energy levels also diminish your desire to do anything, including the things you find enjoyable, like a bike ride, hanging out with your friends in the park, playing basketball, or even just going out.

These are problems in their own right, but they are a big hurdle to deal with when you are battling depression. With no time for yourself or physical activity, your feeling of having low energy becomes a permanent state of burnout.

Getting Older

No one wants to think about it. However, we are getting older. There are going to be even more mysterious pains in our future and mobility issues. Finding time for physical activity lengthens your lifespan and eases some of the issues of old age. If you exercise regularly, you could find yourself in better condition than your peers.

Finding Time

So, how do you find the time? It seems impossible in the ever-present rat race. However, it can be done, though it takes a while and requires some planning. Let me start by saying that doing anything is better than doing nothing. Walking to work is not as good as a full workout, but it is still something. Now with that out of the way let’s talk about stretching.

Ideally, you want to stretch a couple of times a day. However, with no time, it is important to at least establish a habit of stretching 5 minutes every day before your day starts. When this becomes a part of your daily routine, you can insert more stretches throughout the day.  Do some squats while waiting in a line. Work your shoulders while at your desk. In about two or three months of this, you will be setting aside 30 minutes every day. And that’s a great place to start.