June 23, 2024

Awesome Perks of Doing Yoga

Did you know that there are plenty of benefits for those that do yoga? And I’m not talking about yoga pants. While some athletes may see yoga as a sport for grannies and nothing more, I am here to share with you a few perks those who do yoga regularly experience.


True – we are all built differently and if you are in your 30s like me, you are not likely to do any airborne splits any time soon, but there is no denying that people who do yoga are more flexible. So, what’s the big deal about flexibility, you may ask? 

Well, with flexibility comes general mobility. This is something you cherish more and more as you get older. You are going to want a body that can still squat, bend, and stretch without pulling a muscle when you are in your golden years. And if you manage to do the killer praying mantis later on, cheers!


In this world that is constantly trying to find new sources of stress and vexation, it is good to have something to fight back. Yoga is great for dealing with stress, as it calms you down, gets your breathing in order, and helps you sleep. It is perfect for people with anxiety as a tool since it forces us to turn our brains off and focus on our exercises.

Strength and Balance

Believe it or not, yoga actually makes you stronger. Not in the same way weightlifting does, obviously, but strength is developed as you go towards more and more challenging poses and exercises. Furthermore, it is great at helping you develop a sense of balance. If you are cack-handed as some blog author that shall remain nameless, it is there to help you carry more than two things at once while you get on with your day.


You may prefer to practice yoga at home alone and that’s fine. Some people watch YouTube videos, while others follow the instructions from a book.

However, those that exercise with others become a part of a larger community. In addition to the sense of belonging, there are a whole bunch of people enjoying the same hobby you do. It’s great socialising in a controlled environment. What’s more, you help each other improve and develop and you are on this trip of growth together.

There’s also nothing wrong with cheating a bit with your mates and grabbing a few chips afterwards, is there?


The term self-care has been thrown around lately. However, here it really makes sense. Yoga promotes the idea of self-care. It shows us that this body is all that we get and that we need to take care of it.

By regularly doing yoga, or any sports or fitness for that matter, it is going to be a regular part of your day or week. It is going to become a healthy habit that will not feel like a chore, but something you do for yourself.